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BPL Events is your end-to-end event partner providing full spectrum planning and logistics solutions for your events. For over 20 years, we have worked with our clients to produce event experiences that engage networks, build connections and foster relationships. We turn these face-to-face interactions into powerful results that provide real ROI and drive business.

BPL Events works with associations, non-profits and small to mid-size businesses that require an events team to meld seamlessly with their organization. Think of BPL Events as an extension of your team. Our event experts will work with your internal staff, clients, and sponsors as though we are your in-house events department.

 At BPL Events, we create event experiences that continuously exceed expectations.


core values


Our company’s foundation is built on our core values, which guide our actions and set us apart. Our values help us achieve our mission to build meaningful events that help all participants make lasting connections.


Our most important mandate is to ensure transparency, authenticity, consistency, and accuracy in our work. We are committed to excellence and delivering measurable results in a socially responsible and ethical manner.


We cultivate a culture of collaboration within our team and with our valued partners to invent inspiring, unforgettable events that directly impact your stakeholders. We are committed to sharing values and bringing our authentic selves at work in order to achieve and sustain excellence together.


In pursuit of the extraordinary, we embrace creativity and openness, which gives our dedicated team the freedom to find the wow-factors that create dynamic, one-of-a-kind experiences.




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